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Wednesday :::
woo hoo I haven't done this in awhile

::: posted by ashley on 8/28/2002

Yay so far I'm doing good in TSF!! I'm so happy!! It takes SO much work though!! I've had a bubble made for me, and you can see it on my spirit page! I have to write an essay on a book for the rest of spring Break so I might not be able to update this blog, but I'll be updating the subpages! Please go vote for me in TSF, you don't have to be a part of it or anything! I'd really appreciate it! I saw The Lord of the Rings today. It was a good movie! I'm surprised it's still in the movie theaters! I waited so long to see it. I didn't know if I would like it, and I did. I can't wait until the next ones come out! I better go do my vote exchanges, Bye!!

::: posted by ashley on 3/13/2002

Sunday :::
I updated my site fight spirit page a lot today. I hope y'all like it! I woke up at 1 yesterday and I couldn't do much b/c I was busy for the rest of the day. Sorry about that! Today's church lesson was great! It was about spiritual gifts (speaking of spirit lol!) I learned where my weaknessess were and what I'm good at. My best quality was giving and service/helping. We took a little survey thingy, and that's how I found out. I can't believe I was accepted in the Site Fights! I'm so happy! It's not that hard to get in, but it's quite an accomplishment for myself! I would really love it if you voted for me! The link is down below where it says vote for me in Guenivere & Lancelot's Forest. Or, you can click right here! You can't vote on Sundays or Saturdays, so come back tomorrow!! I need to go now, so Bye!!! :o)

::: posted by ashley on 3/10/2002

Saturday :::
YAY! I was approved for the Site Fights!! I can only stay on the internet for 5 min, so this was all I could write! Sorry! (Happy Spring Break!) :o)

::: posted by ashley on 3/09/2002

Thursday :::
Please sign the guestbook! It's down below! I hope I get accepted into the Site Fights! I really want to win some awards. I made a spirit page yesterday, you can click the link to your right at the top to see it. It's really bad b/c I just started it, but oh well! I hope y'all had a nice day! I need to get off the computer now, but I'll talk more tomorrow b/c it's the start of...... SPRING BREAK!!! Ok, well, Bye

::: posted by ashley on 3/07/2002

Tuesday :::
Hey everyone, Vote for me in Tara's Top Sites Thanks!! Today was a pretty good day. I updated the weekly top ten b/c I forgot to yesterday. Hi Elise if you are reading this!!! I love this week's top ten. It took me a while to find a good one. It's very intresting. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, look at the marquee below. It's the sleepiest animals! I love to sleep! I wish I could sleep a lot more, but school is crappy and starts at 7 :( Anyways, I gtg now, bye!!

::: posted by ashley on 3/05/2002

Sunday :::
Feb 26- Hey everybody!! I found a dancer clique!! Finally! You can visit it here. Yay! I hope I get accepted!! Ummm I really can't spend much time on the internet today because I have a Chemistry test tomorrow, but I'll update a few things!! I gtg work on it now, bye!

::: posted by ashley on 3/03/2002

Ok, this moving thing is SO annoying!! There is so much cleaning and boxes and painting and removing wood floors and a whole bunch of BORING things!! I can't wait until we move into our new house! I think I'm going to do a French-themed room. That would be so cool! Anyways, I have been updating my site just not writing it down here. I added some cute backgrounds to some subpages because they were too boring. Go see! I added some links also. I can't wait for Spring Break!!! No school for an entire week is the bast ever!! I'm not really doing much, just packing and hanging out w/friends. Well, I gtg in a little while, so I better update some things! Bye :o)

::: posted by ashley on 3/03/2002

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